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The Breakdown

Functional Fit is a fitness studio specializing in personal training and small group training for clients whose goals are to have an active lifestyle and to remain injury free.  Combining education and confidence building techniques, Functional Fit will provide unique exercises tailored for each client’s specific needs as they train one-on-one to increase their strength and stability.  Functional Fit will also provide small group classes that focus on retraining bad habits, correcting muscle imbalances, increasing strength, knowledge of proper form, and technique.  

We offer the total package to our members and convenience of being all in one place!

One on One Personal Training:
Sometimes you need that extra push to get your fitness on track. Our training offers you the opportunity to get a chance to work one-on-one with us! Are you interested in a little extra attention on your exercises? Do you need the added accountability of private training? Sign up for a personal training appointment and request your time/schedule.  Let us know what it is you would like to work on and we’ll meet your needs.

Group Training:
One trainer instructing a group of four to 6 clients. Obviously, the number of clients in a small group can be larger, but when the number is too large, it’s more difficult to give proper attention to the participants.  When people start exercising in a group, they establish relationships and make friends with other people in the group — helping them become regular participants.  Our workouts will focus on upper/lower body exercises and combining cardio elements within.

Barre Pilates Fusion:  Our workouts are inspired by a fusion of Pilates, Ballet Barre and Cardiovascular training. Each class will be different, eliminating muscles from plateauing and maximizing body transformation. Workouts are taught with upbeat music to keep you motivated and designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

Punch Cardio Kickboxing: A boxing style class composed of punches, kicks and body weight/light weight exercises designed to build stamina, improve flexibility and burn calories.  punch is a full body workout focusing on core movements while toning upper and lower body muscles in a fun upbeat environment. 


Flex: Deep stretch, flexibility focus and heart-pumping exercises.

Equipment: Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, physio balls, treadmills, aerodyne bikes, concept 2 Rowers, bosu balls, sled, weighted body bar, jump ropes, ankle weights, Cable machine, pull up bar, dip bar 

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